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On the Set of “Glee,”

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Bill at Dial-Global Network Studios, recording his final shows

(Originally written upon the occasion of Bill’s last broadcast.)

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(Originally written upon the occasion of Bill’s last broadcast in April 2013)

Backstage with Tony Bennett

You’ve probably already figured this out.  While my career as an Air Personality goes back even longer, for the past 25 years I’ve worked at a network in Los Angeles that beams programming to stations all over the country.  Which explains how I can be “On the Air” in Arkansas on a Sunday, and yet also work on a TV show like “Glee.”  So, now you know.

WHY AM I LEAVING?  Very simply, it is time to focus on the other aspects of my career. 

But not without some sadness.  Radio has been a love of mine since I started as a teenaged Disc Jockey in Dickson Tennessee, and along the way has helped sustain me as I pursued other things here in LA.  And while there is sadness in saying goodbye to a constant, dear companion, I am grateful for a lifetime of memories.  And I’m not a ‘never say never’ kind of guy.  If the right opportunity were to present itself, well, to quote Fats Waller, “One Never Knows, Do One?”

I have so much to be thankful for.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my gratitude in landing on a hit television show as a recurring character.  So, Thank You Ryan Murphy & “Glee.” 

There are other things on the horizon, as far as acting is concerned; and if you sign up for my email list, I’ll be sure to let you know when those things occur. 

And of course, there is my singing, which gives me great joy.  To be able to stand in front of a 17 piece Big Band and sing, frequently with the original arrangements of Sinatra, Darin, and other giants, is a true thrill and a lifelong dream come true.  I still pinch myself when I recall helping open for Tony Bennett.

I’m grateful for my wonderful wife & two amazing kids, and all the fabulous things we have in our life. 

And finally, I’m grateful for you, my listeners.  

For the last several years, with rare exception, I’ve ended my shows with two words

And as I officially finish a significant, long, and much loved chapter of my life, it is only appropriate that I once again leave you with those two words.

Thank You.

Bill A. Jones

Los Angeles, California

April 19th, 2013

Info on Bill’s New CD

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Again, I’m in the development phase of some wonderful things there as well, but can’t speak of them just yet.  If you don’t care to subscribe to my email newsletter and you ‘do’ Facebook, you can always ‘Like’ my fan page, and you’ll always know what I’m up to.

Going back to radio, I thank my lucky stars for having long time program director Chick Watkins as my boss for 20+ years, and it is with great appreciation I acknowledge the wonderful relationship I’ve experienced with current “Adult Standards” program director Karl Southcott.  It was Karl who made it possible for me to have a fabulous send off by giving away my new CD during my last weekend, as well as airing material from it.  Karl, you’re swell.

Bill’s first CD, Frankly



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